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The Faculty’s focused and interactive two day program, Negotiating Maximum Value, combines theory, practical exercises and networking, designed to lift capability and critical competencies.

While conducting negotiations there is a delicate balance of obtaining the best possible value while retaining a positive working relationship with the other party. Similarly, your prospective supplier is there to get the most profit and the most favourable terms they can.  Obtaining a win / win outcome is the objective.

This course focuses extensively on the activities, tools and techniques needed to develop negotiating skills and implement successful negotiation outcomes. Using a range of practical case studies and real life examples; you will gain an understanding of the negotiation process and how to apply key negotiation principles that will allow you to obtain the maximum value with stakeholders and suppliers.



  • Developing a fact based negotiation strategy
  • Communication - non-verbal communication / body language
  • Understand the various stages of negotiation process
  • Planning & preparation – key areas and tools
  • Relationship & tactics
  • How to Negotiate in teams
  • Practical negotiation exercises and examples


21/08/2019 09:00 AM - 22/08/2019 05:00 PM
Saxons Training Centre
Level 11, 300 Adelaide Street
BrisbaneQLD 4000 Australia